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Napier Airport

Most people assume that Napier’s local airport is called the Napier Airport. While the airport is located in Napier, its actual name is the Hawkes Bay Airport!

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Hawkes Bay Airport

Visitors looking to explore Napier and the Hawkes Bay Region often arrive to the area by plane. All arrivals and departures in the region occur from the Airport. The Napier Airport is close to the city centre, just a 10 minute drive. This makes it easy to get to the airport from your hotel or other accommodation.

There are several regional airlines offering flights from Napier Airport. Flying from Napier to Auckland, Napier to Wellington or from Napier to anywhere in the country will involve just one hours flight maximum. Air New Zealand is the largest NZ carrier with SunAir offering regional flights to and from Napier. Just remember that the airport is actually called the Hawkes Bay Airport.