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Napier Centennial Gardens

Napiers Centennial Gardens are located in the Northerm end of Marine Parade, Napier.

Napier Centennial Gardens Council owned

The gardens are an impressive site with the main feature being the waterfall in the background. The falls are at least 40m high and are a great backdrop to this beautiful public facility.

The Centennial Gardens were created in 1974 surprisingly by inmates from the Napier Prison. Orginally a quarry, the gardens although the look natural are completely man-made – including the waterfall. All the soil was shipped into the unused quarry and extensive piping, pumps water back up the cliff face. Now administered by the Napier City Council, they are flourishing and even the bare cliff face is covered in greenery.

Also worth a visit after dark as the waterfall is illuminated for a few hours after sunset. You are also very close to the Tom Parker Fountain which is a must see at night. More information on the Centennial Gardens can be found on the council website: www.napier.govt.nz

Gardens Information

Address: Coote Road, Just off the Northern end of Marine Parade, Napier

Centennial Gardens Map

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